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Is there an automatic way to import and/or update User Email Addresses for eMarketing purposes from an ERP/Accounting system so that it does not have to be updated manually in the Admin Centre or via CSV?

Author Darren Smith
11th December 2018
In the Amin Centre, on a USER DETAILS page, under User Information, I am trying to understand why the User Email Address (the one that is used for eMarketing) cannot be updated/controlled from the ERP or Accounting System.
One of our customers want to use the email address on the Details 1 page of their MYOB EXO accounting system for emarketing purposes. This email address is currently being imported into the Admin Centre into the Account Information area of the User Details screen, but this is not accessible for emarketing purposes.
It appears you have to change the User Email Address manually or do it via CSV import.
Is there a way to import/update the User Email Address via the connector/data imports from the ERP/Accounting system?

TOTECS - Ecommerce Services Coordinator