Understanding the Power of the TOTECS Deals & Vouchers Feature

TOTECS is proud to share the details of the Deals & Vouchers feature, a powerful tool designed to transform the way businesses manage promotions and engage with customers. This functionality is set to revolutionise eCommerce strategies, providing TOTECS clients with the ability to create and manage unlimited deals and vouchers, tailor promotions to specific customer segments, and analyse the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Manage Unlimited Deals and Giveaway

ne of the standout features of the TOTECS Deals & Vouchers functionality is the ability to create unlimited deals and giveaways. Businesses can now offer exclusive discounts and promotions to attract new customers and reward loyal ones. Whether it’s a seasonal sale, a special giveaway, or a time-limited discount, the possibilities are endless.

Automatic Activation and Advanced Targeting

Gone are the days of manually activating deals. With TOTECS, users can set date ranges for automatic activation of deals, ensuring that promotions go live exactly when intended. Additionally, the advanced filter tools allow businesses to assign deals to specific customer segments or target products, making it easier to tailor promotions to the right audience.

Flexible Redemption Modes and Controls

The Deals & Vouchers feature supports various redemption modes, including auto redemption and promo/voucher codes. This flexibility ensures that businesses can choose the method that best suits their needs. Furthermore, redemption frequency controls allow for limiting how many times a deal can be redeemed per user or account, adding another layer of customisation to promotional campaigns.

In-Depth Reporting and Seamless Integration

Understanding the impact of deals is crucial for any business. TOTECS provides comprehensive reporting tools that analyse deal effectiveness, tracking views, user engagement, and sales. This data-driven approach allows businesses to refine their strategies and maximize their return on investment.

Integration of deals is seamless with TOTECS.

Redeem forms can be embedded into checkout pages, home pages, or custom CMS pages, ensuring a smooth customer experience. Additionally, a dedicated deal button can be placed on product areas within search results or detail pages, and a deal listing area can display products available for redemption. Deals can also be embedded into email campaigns to reach a broader audience.

Why Choose TOTECS Deals & Vouchers?

Boost Sales: Drive more conversions with targeted and appealing deals.
Increase Engagement: Keep customers engaged and coming back with exclusive offers.
Improve Customer Loyalty: Reward loyal customers and attract new ones through special promotions.
Gain Insights: Use in-depth analytics to understand which deals are most effective.

The Deals & Vouchers feature is a game-changer for TOTECS clients, providing a versatile and powerful tool to enhance marketing strategies and drive business growth.

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