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"Our mission is to empower companies of all sizes to leverage the automation and scale up potential of eCommerce"

The Value Of eCommerce

The Information Age is upon us and the internet has changed our lives forever.  You only need to step onto a commuter train to see the effect of people the world over glued into their devices.  Their attention is online at home, at work and in transit.

Businesses are fast catching on to the power of interacting with their customers online through the TOTECS Platform.  Data is the new asset in town and those who embrace its value are thriving.  In the past, a website was a side show for business operations.  A tick in the box.  Times have changed and executives and business owners are starting to catch on to the enormous upside eCommerce has to offer.  


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TOTECS is a powerful eCommerce Platform that automates the marketing, sales, catalogue management, customer service and accounts management workflows for any supply chain business ranging from manufacturers, buying groups, wholesalers, trade suppliers and retailers.

It allows businesses to trade online - B2B / (wholesale/commercial), B2G (government), B2E (corporate/enterprise), B2C (retail consumer) or a mixture of them all potentially across multiple branded eCommerce Websites.

It achieves this by facilitating all online business enquiries and transactions through a Mobile Responsive eCommerce Website and clever tools such as intuitive product search and catalogue browsing, customer account enquiry, eMarketing, deals / vouchers, sales reps ordering plus a myriad of configurable settings and activity analysis tools.

The platform is integrated to a business's accounting/ERP system which facilitates a seamless end to end experience for staff and customers.

Summed up, TOTECS boosts sales through increased product catalogue visibility and reduces the cost of every business transaction from enquiry to dispatch.

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Why The TOTECS Platform?

The TOTECS Platform is ideal for businesses who want to be masters of their online brand, business data and end user experience so that they can quickly grow and expand their businesses online.

eCommerce websites built on the TOTECS Platform develop personal interactions with users online.  This is facilitated through a rich integration with Accounting/ERP systems via the TOTECS Accounting/ERP Connector.  We call this 'relationship eCommerce' and the value is enormous.  TOTECS is a giant lever for progressive businesses with large inventories and dynamic customer relationships with unique price lists, discounts, product ranges and high volumes of orders.

TOTECS eCommerce Websites are immaculately crafted on the sophisticated Content Management System built into the Platform. eCommerce Websites are implemented in accordance with best practice covering design, accessibility and workflows using the latest industry web standards and protocols. 

The TOTECS Platform comprises a resilient system architecture that ensures every user click is served in on average less than 0.8 seconds.  Slowness or worse downtime means loss of business and TOTECS has been expertly designed to avoid both.  

The TOTECS Platform is always kept up to date with software updates automatically applied regularly throughout the year.   The platform operates at 99.95%+ uptime with daily backups occurring between data centres.   Our team of Software Engineers, System Architects and Network Engineers passionately maintain the code base along with our state of the art facilities across multiple tier 1 Data Centres.

With all this eCommerce punch packed into the TOTECS Platform, businesses who drive their eCommerce strategy and promotions cycle, invest into staff training and leverage the TOTECS Community across the 25 skill areas, will derive outstanding results from the TOTECS Platform. 

Our Company

We are a fast-moving company full of the brightest and most energetic community in the eCommerce space. Ideas happen quickly and we love a challenge.  We are passionate about innovation and empowering business to thrive online.  We are interested, engaged, slightly left of centre, eccentric and full of buzz.

The TOTECS Platform is a full scale integrated eCommerce platform and is developed and maintained on an ongoing basis. Since our inception in 2001, the TOTECS Platform has processed over $3 billion of online orders and in excess of 8 trillion pages served to users.

We are passionate innovators who work closely with our clients and partners and will push the boundaries and expand our horizons to create what is possible and help shape the future of eCommerce technology.

Our Partner Community

We have a fabulous community of partners who passionately serve our clients every day and we embrace their ideas and contribution.  They are able to respond quickly, operate locally and deliver services that are of the highest standards.  We do not white label our partners.  Their identity, brand and independence is important to us.  Our aim is to promote and nurture their talent so that they can expand the range of services and capabilities that match their skills of interest.  Our partners are inspired and motivated to generate the best possible outcomes for our clients.

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