Punchout / EDI

Why Punchout and EDI?

For B2B suppliers / distributors, larger customers prefer to raise a Purchase Order in their system. Often they will go to the eCommerce website to find products, confirm pricing or check stock availability but they need to raise the order first. They don't want to rekey the order into the eCommerce website so they often email the Purchase Order which needs to be rekeyed on the supplier's side.

Protocols Supported

Punchout OCI EDI - xCBL, XML, CSV plus custom formats

How It Works?

eCommerce Punchout / EDI automates the procurement workflows for both sides.

Step 1
A purchasing person at the customer selects a supplier account in their accounting / ERP system to raise a punchout order. Upon selection, a browser window is opened and the person is logged into the suppliers TOTECS eCommerce website.

Step 2
TOTECS displays a list of locations the user can select. These are normally setup as sub debtor accounts where the debtor codes in the supplier's system matches General Ledger or Cost Centre codes in the customer's system. The user chooses the location they wish to place an order on behalf of.

Step 3
TOTECS logs the user into the selected location and they browse the online catalogue. Often, punchout customer accounts have tender contracts in play. If so, there are rules that may restrict the product list or set agreed prices. TOTECS ensures the user sees the product catalogue agreed in the tender.

The user browses the catalogue, adds product qtys to their shopping basket.

Step 4
The user proceeds to checkout to complete the order. TOTECS can do an Express Checkout and skip a few steps if required (e, delivery address in not needed because it is set against the cost centre).

Step 5
Once the order is submitted by the customer, TOTECS posts it back to the the customer's accounting / ERP system waiting for internal approval. Once approved, the order is converted into a Purchase Order in the customer's system and sent to SQUIZZ.com through the customers Connector.

Step 6
SQUIZZ.com picks up the Purchase Order and raises a Sales Order against the supplier within the connected relationship. SQUIZZ.com posts the Sales Order to the to the supplier's accounting / ERP system via their Connector.

Step 7 (Optional)
The supplier's SQUIZZ.com Connector continuously scans for Invoices raised against the Sales Order in the supplier's accounting / ERP system. When an Invoice is found, the Connector can transmit an Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) through the SQUIZZ.com connected relationship to the customers accounting / ERP system so that the goods can be electronically received when they arrive.

eCommerce Punchout/ EDI workflow

Once all items on the Purchase Order are invoiced, the Connector flags the order as complete.


This platform connects suppliers and customers together through secure debtor / creditor relationships. This is simply known as a 'connected relationship' established in the platform by both companies. Being integrated to SQUIZZ.com means that both the customer or supplier can have a single integration point and manage eCommerce punchout and EDI workflows across potentially all commercial relationships.

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Need Help?

Our TOTECS Integration Partners can assist you to create and configure your punchout integration solution. They can assist you to assess the customer's technical requirements. They can then work with the other party to implement the Punchout solution. They can offer over the phone training, support and guidance as required.

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