The Datapel Warehouse Management Solution
Designed for growing business that need improved warehouse and manufacturing functionality. 
Datapel delivers advanced inventory management capabilities without the need to overhaul your existing accounting software.
The Datapel Warehouse Management System (WMS) bridges the gap between your existing accounting software and advanced inventory management.  Lower operating costs, increase productivity and dramatically improve inventory tracking with multi-locations, multi-bin, batch/expiry and serial numbers, guided pick/packing, scanning/print barcodes.

Leading add-on solutions for MYOB®
Based in Perth, Australia, Datapel Systems has been developing quality software solutions since 2002.
Datapel Systems are a recognized leader in the development of warehouse management and inventory stock control solutions.
Their commitment to improving the functionality of small business software has also led to their products gaining recognition with MYOB® and Microsoft®.
At Datapel, they pride themselves on developing software solutions that are functional, robust and reliable. The Datapel Warehouse Management System is no exception, it is the primary focus of the company. They also understand that not all businesses are the same, and that is why they ensure their solutions are customisable to suit different needs.

Contact Datapel to discuss how their solutions can be tailored to your business.