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CMS eCommerce Websites

Deploy content managed mobile responsive eCommerce websites. Websites can be B2B, B2C or both. Product catalogues for each website can be segmented even though they are connected to the same inventory. Web developers have full SMC access to manage all assets including HTML templates, CSS files, Javascript and content area formats. GIT repositories are included to safe guard changes.

Content Management and layout

Search Engine Optimisation

  • SEO URL Redirection Rules for Website Migration
  • SEO essentials (page title, meta tags)
  • Embedded SEO Analytics
  • SEO Optimised web & Catalogue Page URLs
  • SEO XML Sitemap

User/ Customer Registration

  • Automatic User Registration
  • Manual Approval User Registration
  • User Login Account Registration Profiles

Website Security

Smart Content Areas

Product Catalogues

The platform is packed with smart and intuitive navigation features so customers can search check prices and add to cart fast. Keyword search profiles offer product field selection and rules that determine search rank. Product attributes, combinations and make/model search create powerful filtering for products such as clothing styles, construction supplies or automotive parts.

Product Administration & Reports

  • Product Copy
  • Fully Featured Product Editor
  • Product Data CSV Export
  • Bulk Product Image Upload / Resizing
  • Self Managed Bulk Product / Category Image Report
  • Related Product Report
  • Customised Keyword Search Profiles
  • Wide range of B2B / B2C Product Data Fields
  • Control Stock Level High / Low Limits
  • Missing Product Image or Description Report
  • Product Image Visual Report
  • Product Sales Performance Report

Multi-Tier Category Trees

  • Multi-Tier Category Trees
  • Assign Products to Multiple Categories
  • Branches Hide if all Assigned Products are Inactive
  • Category visibility controlled through inventory roles
  • Intuitive Category Tree Editor
  • Tiered Navigation Breadcrumbs
  • 2 Images and Descriptions per Category

Flexible Product Pricing

  • Store / Display Prices As Ex or Inc Tax
  • Store / Display Prices in 2 or 4 Decimal Places
  • Was / Now RRP Price Comparison
  • Multi-Website Public Guest Prices
  • Grid Style Layout for Product Combinations
  • Sort by Pricing on Categories & Search Results

Account Customer Pricing

  • Customer Assigned Price Group & Levels
  • Has Price Level Volume Tiering
  • Multi-Tier Quantity Discount Breaks
  • Mixed Product Quantity Discounts
  • Customer Account Contracts (layered)
  • Date Range Contract Pricing
  • Products on Contract Override Visibility Submission

Find Products By Make/Model

  • Make / Model Browsing Search
  • Make / Model Browsing Components
  • Manage Machine or Vehicle Makes and Models
  • Unlimited Model Categories and Products Assignments
  • Multi-User Make / Model Data Management App
  • Model and Part Attributes for Specification Data

Product Display & Cross Referencing

  • Product Grouping
  • Product Kits and Components
  • Related Products
  • Add Units in Pack Quantities
  • Product Attachments

Regions & Multi-Currency

Product Stock Levels

  • Customer Assigned Location Stock Levels
  • Product Stock Level Values or Indicator Icons
  • Product Stock Level Values with Upper Limiter
  • Show Stock Limits for Kitted Products
  • Real-time Backorder Check / Warning

Social Sharing & Community

  • Share Products with Social Network
  • Product Reviews and Moderation
  • Embedded Youtube Product Clips

Digital Marketing

Take control of the online promotions cycle and send targeted outbound communication to target groups based on mixing user subscription categories and user group filters. Track and monitor the feedback and tailor targeted online deals with automatic redemption or promotion code activation.

eMedia Mailout Messaging

  • Send Formatted eNewsletters, Specials or Deals
  • Reporting Stats and Graph to Track Unique Users / Views
  • Customised Message Templates & Formats
  • Easy Content Managed Mailout Editor
  • Audience Filter Tools to Quickly Assign Target Users
  • Clone Mailouts For Redrafting
  • Add File Attachments to Mailouts
  • Mailout Product Deals Containing Listings
  • Set Text Message For Users With HTML Formats Disabled
  • Embedded Unsubscribe Link to Preset or Custom Web Page

Product Deals & Vouchers

  • Manage Unlimited Deals For Exclusive Discounts / Giveaways
  • Automatic Activation Based on Set Date Range
  • Use Filter Tools To Assign Different Target Customers
  • Use Filter Tools To Assign Different Target Products
  • Various Redemption Modes Supported (Auto or Promo / Voucher Code)
  • Redemption Frequency Controls (Ie, 2 times per user or account)
  • Report to Analyse Deal Effectiveness - Views / Users / Sales

Product Deals & Vouchers (CMS Website)

  • Redeem Form Embedded into Checkout / Home or Custom CMS Pages
  • Deal Button On Product Areas in Search Results or Details Page
  • Deal Listing Area Displaying Products Available For Redemption
  • Deals Can Be Embedded into Mailouts

Target Audience Tools

  • Manage User Subscription Categories To Create Pools Of User
  • Users Subscribe to Categories in User Registration or Enquiry Forms
  • Refine Target Audience with User Group Filters
  • User Group Filtering Rules Based On User / Account / Basket / History / eMarketing


Recipient Emails Cents (each)
0 - 10,000 1.5
10,001 - 25,000 1
25,001 - 50,000 0.75
50,001+ 0.5

Online & Rep Sales

Provide customers with the ultimate online buying experience through fast powerful product catalogue search and flexible add to cart and checkout features. Leverage the full automation benefits of robust accounting/ERP integrations and never key a sales order again. Furthermore, empower your reps on the road and give them fast and easy access to the product catalogue, customer pricing, discounting tools and account information sourced directly from the accounting/ERP system.

Automated Order Processing

  • Instantly post orders to Accounting/ERP System (see Integrations)
  • Post Orders Against Global Or Customer Assigned Warehouse
  • Post Payment Receipt Against Orders (see Integrations)
  • Pending Status For Orders Requiring Approval
  • Automatic Email Notification If Orders Fail To Post
  • Manage Orders through Admin Centre Search Filters
  • Monitor Shopping Baskets through Admin Centre Reports

Checkout & Order Processing

  • Secure 256+SSL Checkout
  • Delivery Address Management on Checkout
  • Optional Purchase Order No Field (B2B transactions)
  • Optional Carrier Method Selection Field
  • Confirm Terms and Conditions to Submit
  • Send Order Confirmation Email to Customer
  • Optional Drop-Shipment Delivery
  • Warn or Block Checkout if Customer Account Is Out Of Terms or On Hold
  • Guest Order Checkout for B2C Workflows (if required)

Checkout Order Surcharges

  • Hierarchical Tree Of Rules to Calculate Surcharges During Checkout
  • 4 Rule Types Supported (GROUP peer rules, IF Conditional, FOR Loop, ACTION rules)
  • Set Rules Based On Order Details and Carrier Selection Options
  • Integrated Freight Surcharges With Rules to Apply Additional Margin
  • Set Credit Card Surcharge Rules
  • Set Minimum Order Surcharge Rules
  • Set Order Surcharge Freight Rules
  • Set Custom SQL Rules and Value Holder Variables
  • Set Rules to Switch Assigned Order Warehouse

Checkout Payments

  • Set Payment Methods per Customer Account
  • Credit Card Payments (see Payment Services)
  • Credit Card Payments (Amex, Diners)
  • Credit Card Payments (Visa Mastercard)
  • Direct Deposit Payments
  • Pay on Account (no payment)
  • Paypal Payments
  • Request Quote (no payment)

Customer / Tender Accounts

Punchout / Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • Punchout Login / Automated OCI Response
  • Cost Centre Selection For Order Allocations
  • Tender Contract Ordering Based on Agreed Terms
  • Punchout Express Checkout
  • EDI Automated Order Processing through SQUIZZ.com
  • EDI Automated ASN Processing through SQUIZZ.com
  • EDI Automated Invoice Processing through SQUIZZ.com
  • Doc Type Translation through Connector Software (Ie, xCBL, CSV, XML)

Order Management

  • Online Order History Search and Import
  • Reorder from Top 100 Products (based on order history)
  • Save Reusable Shopping Lists from Shopping Basket
  • Share Shopping Lists with Peer Users
  • Set Details and Attach Files to Shopping Lists

Rep Space Multi-Customer Ordering

User Session & Shopping Basket Management

  • Inactive User Session Lasts for 4 Hours
  • Shopping Cart Lives Forever (checked and verified at each login)
  • Fast Quick Add Facility (start typing, tab, set qty, press enter)
  • Add To Cart Custom Question Fields
  • Add To Cart in Decimal Quantities
  • Set Add To Cart Qty Rules For Minimum / Bulk Pack Size Requirements
  • Set Qty In-Field or use Smart + - Add Controls
  • Deal/s Applied Automatically when Add To Cart Triggers Deal Condition

Store Administration and Reports

  • User Shopping Baskets Reports
  • Users Login History Reports
  • Online Sales Reports
  • Sales by Account / User Type
  • Sales by Product / Product Type
  • Sales by Product Category
  • Product Keyword Search / Browsing Reports
  • CMS Website Traffic Reports
  • Online Payments Search / Filtering
  • Post Manual Electronic Payments

User / Customer Administration

Data Management & Integration

Large eCommerce websites contain data that needs to be synced and managed from both the accounting/ERP system and other sources such as spreadsheets, databases and CSV files. The accounting connector software enables complete control over how data is synced, merged and imported to and from TOTECS. Better still, the datasets features aid with the management of product data as the inventory grows or shrinks.

Accounting / ERP Connector Software

  • Windows Service Connector Application with Database Installed on the Client's Server / VM
  • Locally Managed SQL-Lite Database Files for Easy Backup and Management
  • Easy Upgrade Mechanisms for Windows Service / Desktop App
  • Desktop Application Installed for Relevant Users
  • Works Great in Remote Desktop Environments (RDP)
  • Built In Scheduler for Import / Export / EDI Tasks
  • Maintains Adapters for Multiple Accounting / ERP Systems
  • Built In Management for Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Account Payments
  • Built In Management for Datasets (see below)
  • Automatic Email Notifications For Alerts
  • Secure Links to TOTECS and SQUIZZ.com over HTTPS

Accounting / ERP Adapters

  • Prebuilt Adapters for Supported Accounting / ERP Systems (see integrations)
  • Generic Adapter for Custom Data Sources (Ie, Accounting Systems / ERP Systems / Business Software / SQL Server / ODBC / Web Services APIs / XML / Excel / CSV)
  • Automatic Email Notifications For Adapter Related Alerts
  • Secure Linkages to TOTECS and SQUIZZ.com Managed Through Adapter Keys
  • Adapter Level Error and Debug Logging

Exporting / Importing Data From Accounting / ERP to TOTECS

  • Structured Export Routines as Specified In the eCommerce Standards Documents
  • Set Source and Destination Data Field Mappings
  • Set Data / SQL Query Conditions
  • In Built Data Export Testing Tool to Verify Queries
  • Merge Data from Other Adapters using Data Routing
  • Manually Run Imports / Exports or Add To Scheduler
  • Configure Both Live and Scheduled Imports / Exports

Managing Product Datasets

  • Create an Unlimited Set of Databases To Set and Store Product Catalogue Data
  • Set / Store Data For Product Details
  • Set / Store Data For Product Category Trees
  • Set / Store Data For Product Attributes (uses product names for automatic data introspection)
  • Set / Store Data For Product Combinations (uses product names for automatic data introspection)
  • Set / Store Data For Related Products
  • Filter Any Data Field For Easy Management
  • Copy and Paste to Excel Feature
  • Fill Down Feature
  • Use Data Routing or SQL Merge Tools for Imports / Exports

Sales and Purchase Order, Payments Management

  • Realtime Grid View Showing Live Activity
  • Manual Override for Posting to Accounting / ERP
  • Reimport Tool for Posting to Accounting / ERP
  • Document Inspection (view all data fields and lines)
  • Document Modification (for testing and verification)
  • Automatic Email Notifications For Document Related Alerts

Connected Commerce

Built for B2B suppliers/distributors, larger customers prefer to punch into your eCommerce website from their system, browse the catalogue and checkout to punch back and raise a purchase order in their system for internal allocation and approval and end to end electronic EDI processing.

P2P/Procurement Automation

  • Streamlines procurement processes, reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks.
  • Minimises manual labor, paper-based processes, and errors, leading to cost savings.
  • Provides real-time visibility into the procurement cycle, helping organizations track orders, spending, and supplier performance.
  • Ensures that procurement policies and regulations are consistently followed, reducing the risk of non-compliance.
  • Automates the creation and approval of purchase orders, making the ordering process more efficient and accountable
  • Utilises digital catalogs for easy product selection, pricing, and availability, improving accuracy and speed in ordering.
  • Automates the receipt and processing of invoices, reducing manual data entry and invoice discrepancies.
  • Integrates with inventory systems to optimise stock levels and avoid overstock or understock situations.
  • Integrates with other business systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and accounting software for seamless data flow.

eCommerce Punchout

  • Enable SSO functionality to allow buyers to access the supplier's catalog seamlessly from their procurement system, reducing the need for multiple logins and improving user experience.
  • Ensure that product catalogs and pricing are updated in real-time, ensuring that buyers always have access to the most current and accurate product information.
  • Tailor catalogs to individual buyers or departments, presenting them with relevant product selections based on their specific needs, streamlining the order process.
  • Implement automated purchase order creation within the procurement system, allowing buyers to easily convert their selections into official purchase orders with minimal manual input.
  • Provide real-time order confirmation and status updates to buyers, keeping them informed about the progress of their orders and reducing the need for follow-up inquiries.

Universal Electronic Data Interchange

  • Enable automated order entry directly into the recipient's order processing system, reducing manual data entry errors and accelerating order processing times.
  • Implement real-time order acknowledgment and confirmation to provide immediate feedback to the sender, confirming receipt and ensuring order accuracy.
  • Incorporate advanced error detection and handling mechanisms to identify and address issues promptly, minimizing disruptions in the order process.
  • Seamlessly integrate EDI with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to synchronise order data with inventory, sales, and production, optimizing order fulfillment.
  • Integrate electronic invoicing and billing capabilities into the EDI system, enabling the automated generation and transmission of invoices, reducing paperwork, and accelerating payment processing.
  • Enable electronic confirmation of goods receipt, allowing buyers to acknowledge receipt electronically, triggering automated processes for payment and order completion.

Integrated Supply Chains

  • Provide real-time visibility into the entire supply chain, from order placement to delivery, allowing for proactive monitoring, timely adjustments, and better decision-making.
  • Utilise data analytics and historical trends to forecast demand accurately, ensuring that orders are placed based on anticipated needs, reducing excess inventory and stockouts.
  • Implement automated order processing workflows to minimise manual intervention, reduce errors, and accelerate order fulfillment, from order receipt to shipment.
  • Foster collaboration with suppliers through data-sharing platforms, enabling suppliers to align production and delivery schedules with customer demand, reducing lead times.
  • Use dynamic routing and optimization algorithms to determine the most efficient delivery routes and methods, minimizing transportation costs and delivery times.

Connected Marketplaces

  • Centralise product catalog management, allowing sellers to list and update their offerings easily, ensuring accurate and up-to-date product information.
  • Implement intelligent order routing algorithms to direct orders to the most suitable sellers or fulfillment centers, optimizing delivery times and reducing shipping costs.
  • Enable real-time inventory synchronization across all sellers, preventing overselling and ensuring that customers receive accurate stock availability information.
  • Provide customers with a single portal to track orders placed with multiple sellers, enhancing transparency and convenience in the order tracking process.
  • Provide customers with real-time visibility into the availability of products across different sellers, enabling informed purchasing decisions.
  • Incorporate a robust rating and review system for sellers, helping customers make informed choices and promoting trust within the marketplace.

PEPPOL/ eInvoicing

  • Implement standardised eInvoicing formats and protocols, such as PEPPOL, to streamline the creation, transmission, and processing of invoices, reducing manual data entry and errors.
  • Utilise automated validation checks to ensure that eInvoices comply with legal and business requirements, preventing discrepancies and delays in processing.
  • Incorporate electronic signatures and secure authentication methods to verify the authenticity and integrity of eInvoices, enhancing trust and security in the order process.
  • Provide real-time tracking capabilities for eInvoices, allowing both senders and recipients to monitor the status and progress of invoices, reducing inquiries and follow-up.
  • Seamlessly integrate eInvoicing with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, enabling automatic invoice matching, payment reconciliation, and financial reporting, improving overall efficiency.

Smart Content Areas

  • Utilise AI algorithms to display personalised product recommendations based on customer behavior and purchase history, encouraging upselling and cross-selling.
  • Display up-to-the-minute stock availability information, reducing the risk of out-of-stock orders and improving order accuracy.
  • Incorporate interactive product visuals, such as 360-degree views or augmented reality, allowing customers to explore products more thoroughly before purchase.
  • Tailor pricing and promotional offers dynamically, reflecting customer segments, loyalty status, and real-time changes in demand or inventory levels.
  • Automatically update product descriptions, images, and specifications to reflect changes, ensuring that customers always access the most accurate and current information.