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By becoming a TOTECS referral partner, you gain access to a generous commission structure that provides you with a steady stream of income over a span of 24 months. This extended earning period means that your financial rewards continue to grow, offering you not just a one-time payout, but sustained revenue that can help secure your financial future.

Quality, Trusted

TOTECS is a well-established and reputable company with a proven track record in delivering innovative business solutions. Partnering with us means that you are recommending a brand that businesses can trust. You are not just promoting a product or service; you are endorsing a partner that genuinely adds value to your referrals.

Product Portfolio

TOTECS offers a wide range of products and services that cater to various industries and business needs. Whether your network includes manufacturers, wholesalers, or retailers, TOTECS has a solution to suit them.

Rapidly Growing

The business technology solutions that TOTECS provides are in high demand, and the market is continually growing. This means that your earning potential remains strong, with a growing customer base that values the services you are recommending.

TOTECS Is A WIN-WIN For You and Your Clients

TOTECS ensures your clients win online through powerful features
and functionality in collaboration with your services.

Customised scalable logistic processes for multi-warehouse and inventory needs
Relationship Driven Priced Product Catalouges.
Integrated Supply-Chain & Punchout for large corporate government clients

Live Stock & Pricing Visibility

Multi-account Ordering

In-field Ordering

Multi-Platform Tailored Integrations

$ Billion+

Sales Transactions


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