The eCommerce platform that pays for itself 24/7


Monthly Hosting

Monthly Pricing

All Features*

Unlimited Websites*

Unlimited online orders/sales

Unlimited Products

Unlimited Storage

Monthly Usage

Server Requests / Usage


Requests Cents (each)
0 - 200,000 1
200,001 - 500,000 0.9
500,001 - 1,000,000 0.8
1,000,001+ 0.7



Recipient Emails Cents (each)
0 - 10,000 1.5
10,001 - 25,000 1
25,001 - 50,000 0.75
50,001+ 0.5

Payment Gateway API: $25

plus payment service fees charged by the payment gateway and/or your bank

SecurePay All In One Solution
eWay Payment Gateway
ecommerce merchant bank account required
Mastercard / TNS
ecommerce merchant bank account required

Website Build

Master Website Design (MWD) Per Website Per Month

Master Website Design Pricing, B2B B2C Rep enabled

Scoping (P.O.A.)

Review & explore detailed requirements and develop a full solution scope

Platform Deployment & Out of the Box Setup

Connector Installation

Data Sync

Commercial & Implementation Planning

Content Planning

Data & Workflow requirments

Layout Selection

Implementation (P.O.A.)

Let's make your new eCommerce website happen

Apply Branding

Build Content

Core Data Setup

Build Workflows

Testing / QA

Go Live

Full Enterprise Data Integration

Supported Accounting/ ERP System

Supported Accounting/ ERP System pricing, from 3,000 ex GST

Included with purchase of a Master Website Design (see Build)

Installation of the Connector Software on your ERP Server

Configuration of default Data Exports and Imports

Setup the Exports scheduler


Full Custom Integration (P.O.A)


Expert guidance and advice

Analyse Accounting/ ERP database and workflow structures

Analyse customer pricing rules and data structures

Specify required integration Data Export and Data Import end points

Configure and implement Exports in the Connector Generic Adapter

Consider any advanced integration, data or workflow requirements

Setup the Exports scheduler