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Businesses and individuals strive for seamless connectivity, collaboration, and automation in their everyday operations. Traditional approaches involve disjointed systems, manual data entry, and fragmented communication channels

SQUIZZ.com is a fully integrated connected supply chain solution that improves efficiencies and productivity, allowing everyone to seamlessly connect, collaborate, automate and trade.

By leveraging secure trading relationships, Squizz.com enables businesses to work in an agile, cost-effective, and smarter manner, facilitating seamless business operations.

Enhanced tools to propel your business.

SQUIZZ.com offers a suite of functionality and tools for your business across a variety of trading landscapes, tailoring solutions to businesses of any size and system. Whether you’re a small supplier selling to government bodies and need corporate level data interchange features, or are an enterprise business interacting with thousands of customers and suppliers managing diverse systems, TOTECS can help support your business perform advanced electronic trading, automation and collaboration through SQUIZZ.com.

Streamlined trading relationships.

Efficient & accurate order processing.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Seamless Integration & Automation

Time Saving Features & customisation

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