TOTECS Platform Release 11.03

Since the start of February 2017 the security of the web has shifted up a gear. Web browsers such as Firefox are now getting tough on security and reporting more issues to users when entering data on insecure web pages. There's a good chance other browsers will follow suit. What does this mean for you? If you are running a content managed website on the platform you now need to get every webpage loading over secure connections, and in fact search engines such as Google may rank up your pagerank for doing so. That means having the green lock and HTTPS protocol set in the URL when all of your website's pages load, regardless of if a page is loading sensitive data or not.

For a long time the TOTECS platform has provided security on the most sensitive parts of your website, such as at login, order checkout, and when making credit card payments. This security has been provided through the platform's own secure website domain. There's a problem though, search engines such as Google can't rank these secure pages since they load on separate website domain, and users may question the domain they are being lead to. To solve this it will now require you to get involved in obtaining security certificates for your own website domain. Not sure what a security certificate is? Watch the 11.03 platform release video to learn how web security works, and what we've added to the platform to enable you to get your website fully secured.

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