TOTECS Platform Release 11.04

For over a year the TOTECS team has been tirelessly designing and building an amazing new content managed website for you that is fully featured, based on the latest trends, works in any sized devices, supports B2B and B2C work flows, and can be instantly deployed out of the box. We call these websites "Master Website Design". With the 11.04 TOTECS platform release we can now deploy one of these beautiful looking sites for you at a fraction of the labour, time and cost, compared to if you were building a new website from scratch.

If your website is looking old and outdated, isn't fully secured, or you are still using the older Trade interface on the platform, then a TOTECS master website design can be the quickest and cheapest way to get your website up to the latest standards and features. See the 11.04 platform release video to learn more about how these great new websites look and work.

Additionally a number of other useful improvements and new features have been added to the platform in the 11.04 and 11.03.1 releases, check out the release video below to see all the changes in action.

View all release highlights from start to finish


Learn about all the features and functionality that a TOTECS Master Website Design content managed website contains, and how you can leverage it in your own business.



Learn about the new Free Draw Canvas area that has been added to content managed webpages to allow areas with text content to stay formatted correctly, and allow non technical admins to make changes.


Learn about Website Data Hooks that can be set up in content managed websites to centralise the management of webpage files and content,  embedded across multiple webpage templates.


See how live and location based product stock availability can now be shown to sales rep users in beautiful looking content managed websites.


See how customised order submission message can be shown to purchasing users once they have submitted an order in a content managed website requiring a managers approval.


Learn how different elements can be shown in product listing content managed webpage areas based on if a product can be directly added to basket or not.


See how Combination Product content managed web page areas can now allow users to add child products to basket when the area is shown in a list format.