TOTECS Platform Release 11.05

The TOTECS team is proud to present the 11.05 platform release, that brings a whopping 18 improvements, 1 new feature, and 2 bug fixes to the Ecommerce platform. You can see an overview of all this goodness at the start of the release video. The changes developed in July include a second Master Website Design, that offers another amazing fully featured, secure, mobile responsive website that can be deployed out of the box for you, at a fraction of the development cost. In the release a number of improvements have been made to the order confirmation email, including the ability to fully customise the look of it, as well as save the order details attachment as a PDF file. There's also the ability to have web pages load up to 10 times faster with a new caching mechanism built into the web page areas. The release also brings the ability to sort products displayed in lists by price, as well as a number of usability improvements to contracts, product quick add, and attribute searches in content managed web sites. Check out the release video below to see all the changes in action.

View all release highlights from start to finish


Learn about all the features and functionality that a TOTECS Master Website Design 2 content managed website contains, and how you can leverage it in your own business.



Learn about the 4 new improvements made to the Order Submission Notification Email, inlcluding allowing order details to be saved as a print friendly PDF file, customising the order details file, setting the order details directly within the email message, and resubmitting order notification emails within the Admin Centre.


Learn how products displayed within Product Search Results Listing and Category Listing content managed web page areas can now be sorted by price.


See how content managed web pages can now load up to 10 times faster for users through the use of web page area caching.


See how permissions can now be set for different users to control if they need to set a business name in the organisation name field during the order checkout/submission process. Also see how contact and organisation names can now be displayed on invoices, credits, back orders, and sales order records retrieved from accounting/ERP business systems.


Learn about the improvements to the Product Quick Add Form area displayed on content managed web pages to allow users to find products by search on chosen product fields, as well as see stock availability, and price discounting for sales rep users.
See the latest changes made to TOTECS sister platform, to allow your customers to integrate their systems into yours using the same Connector deployed for TOTECS websites. This can automate the sharing of product, stock, and pricing data, saving time for everyone.