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Querying attribute data from another connector using HTTP-Ecommerce Standard Document


Author Yann D
20th March 2018

One connector is querying attributes data from another connector application using HTTP-Ecommerce Standard Document. The data export of attribute data is failing Here are the settings: An adaptor from connector application located in Server A query make model data. A dedicated generic adaptor queries the Make Model database application via an ODBC link. Following export are configured for attributes data: -Attribute profile -Attribute profile attributes -Attribute profile product values Other configured exports are: -Maker model mapping attribute -Maker model attribute -Makers -Maker models - Maker model mapping An adaptor from connector application located in server B query the above adaptor (server A) using HTTP-Ecommerce Standard Document In this adaptor, we have set up the Endpoint “product_attributes” against export Attribute profile. This export fails with following log: Connector B Unable to export Export Product Attributes data since an unexpected error occurred. Adaptor Name: Make Model Adaptor Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. There is no Error log in server A Question: How should we configure the attributes data export?

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