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A product image manually added to a product in the dataset is not exported to Totecs platform

Author Yann D
20th March 2018
The new dataset version ( is now able to manage and import Product Images and attachments data which are great features.

I am able to add an image manually to a product using the browse button. However, the image path retrieved by this function is a path starting by a drive letter. (E.G. X:\website image\...)

Because the connector application requires a persistent filepath to export Images to totecs platform(E.g the UNC path eg: \\exampleUNC\) ; this image is not exported to Totecs by the Product Images export.

Is there a way for the dataset to obtain the UNC path of a file when using the browse function?

Alternatively, can we?
1) only store the filename in the dataset field named Imagefullfilepath
2) use the settings in the generic adaptor to store the file path:

- Product Image directory
- Product Attachement directory

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