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21st June 2013

With the wonderful world of the internet, things change rapidly and sometimes bugs can escape the rigorous QA of the TOTECS platform.

If you have found a bug please goto webpage and fill out the form. One of our staff will be sent your submission, from where we will try to replicate, investigate, solve, test and release a bug fix for.

Please note that the purpose of the bugs forum is to have a platform for us to talk about existing bugs. The idea is that if you have found a bug then first report it on the page. Please avoid reporting your bugs into the forum.

Once a bug is submitted, If we then need to make an announcement about a bug we will make a post in the bug forum, which then allows any discussion about it to take place. So the Bugs forum is not used as a primary way of reporting bugs, but more for staying in the loop on the bugs that are out there.