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[Sticky] Read First Before Posting

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21st June 2013

Have you got a great idea that will help improve the TOTECS Ecommerce platform?

Are you doing the same steps that could be simplified with a tweak of the platform?

Does your organisation need a great new piece of functionality to help its online strategy grow?

If you've said yes to any of these questions then please submit a topic that describes your idea.


Please search the forum first to avoid duplicating topics that have already been covered by somebody else. Duplicated topics will be deleted.


If you like somebody elses idea, please comment their topic with a "+1" in the comment text. The more people who comment with a +1, the more incentive we have to develop a popular piece of functionality.


If your idea is similar to someone elses idea then place a comment in their topic with details of how you would like to improve upon it. The more requirements we get, the greater amount of detail we can factor in when developing the functionality.


Please avoid creating single sentence improvements. The more detail you provide about the new feature/improvement, the easier you make it for us to understand what you want, and the greater the chance we will develop something that you were looking for.


Please note that the research and development team is constrained by time, cash, and resources. So ideas that require a large amount of investment by us may take a long before they come into fruition, if at all. We may ask interested parties to partially fund development, or if its needed yesterday you can fund the development with us to place the functionality ahead of the queue.


Please ensure that you do not post any information containing user names, passwords, or any other sensitive information that could compromise the security of a project or website relating to an organisation or person.