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How to remap a field in the Connector

Author Rich Allen
3rd December 2018
Here are the steps on how to remap an exported field in the connector:
1. Open the Connector application where the export is set up.
2. In the row of the relevant adapter click the ‘Settings’ button.
3. In the window that pops up click the ‘Data Exports’ tab.
4. From the ‘Exports Type’ drop-down menu select the export that that you would like to remap a field in.
5. Click the ‘Data Fields’ tab.
6. Find the filed that you would like to remap in the table, ensure that the ‘Set Custom Field’ checkbox is ticked and put the new fields technical name (eg database column) in the ‘Custom Data Field Definition’ cell for that row.
7. Click the ‘Reload Data Fields’ button

TOTECS Service Centre Coordinator