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How to upload images to TOTECS using the Generic adaptor's Product Images data export when the image file path is set as a URL?

Author Yann D
9th March 2021
Within the Connector, when using a Generic adaptor to upload images to the TOTECS Ecommerce system using a Products data export, how can the images be uploaded if the file path is set as a URL?

For example, in Readysell's system, for it's images API endpoint, the each image record is returned as an ESDproductimages object such as json object:
"keyImageID": "138147-0",
"keyProductID": "138147",
"imageFullFilePath": " https://*******",
"imageFileName": "523668",
"imageFileExtension": ".png"

The problem is the URI does not contain imagefile extension so when images is imported to TOTECS we using generic adaptor we obtain following error:
Product image: image. could not be exported since its file extension is not jpg, gif or png.
Trying to add file extension in URL as as parameter of the uRL such as concatenation of "?1="keyImageID,imageFileExtension)
We obtain error:
Product image: image?1=144701-0.png Unable to read and resize image. Error: Illegal characters in path

Is there a way to upload those url images in TOTECS?

TOTECS Partner - Data Consultant