Connector schedule updates running twice every time

Author Yaver Rajani
29th September 2014
My Connector scheduled update runs twice every time it is scheduled to run. Cant seem to find any setting which would be triggering Connector to run every update twice.

TOTECS Service Centre Coordinator

Author Yaver Rajani

TOTECS Service Centre Coordinator
Xsquizzit Ecommerce integration is based on two parts, first one is Connector application in which you can see your orders and schedule all updates to run on particular time and frequency. Second part of the whole ecommerce solution is the Connector Service which run as part of windows service. If for some reason another terminal server login is running the service while connector is running service as the system login it would clash and that's the reason both services from different terminal login wants to run schedule update at the same time because both services are using the same application database to get all the information.

Close one Connector service which was started from SYS-ADMIN login and only the service started by the SYSTEM should be always be running.

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