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Why would a Product Attributes data export ignore exporting attribute values assigned to products stored within a Data Set, when it was configured to link parent product products to child product attribute values?

Author Rowan Drew
13th April 2023
In an instance of the Connector that was installed, it had a Data Set set up to supplement product data managed from an external business system, with product attributes and combinations. The data set is used to create product combinations, as well as assign attribute values to existing products imported from the external business system. A Generic adaptor was configured to have its Product Attributes data export to export attribute values directly assigned to active products, as well as allocate attribute values against parent products of combinations, using the attribute values directly assigned to the child products to be allocated to the parent products. This avoids having to manually assign attribute values to the parent products, an ensures that the parent products appear in attribute searches in connected websites.
The problem is that the attribute values are no longer being assigned to the parent products when the Product Attributes data export is being run. Why would the data export start ignoring allocating attributes to parent combination products?

TOTECS Software Development Manager