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[Sticky] Read First Before Posting


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22nd April 2015

Please post in this forum topics that contain tips or advice that is related to the MYOB Exo adaptor within the Connector software, and the connectivity between the adaptor and the MYOB Exo business system. If you wish to post more broader topics related to the Connector then please do so in General" target="_blank">">General Tips and Advice

If you have found a bug in the Connector please post it in the Bugs" target="_blank">">Bugs forum.

If you wish to discuss about an improvement or new feature you would like to see in the Connector then please post in the New" target="_blank">">New Features/Improvements Wish List forum.


Please ensure that you do not post any information containing user names, passwords, or any other sensitive information that could compromise the security of a project or website relating to an organisation or person.