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Orders being marked as sent even if the order did not successfully send and import into the Connector software

Author Rowan Drew
4th December 2015
A critical bug was found where if a user submitted an order from a content managed website, trade interface, or through the Administration Centre Order's interface, and if the order was sent to the Connector software but the connector was not running, or unavailable to be connected to, then the order's status was still being marked as sent back in the Administration Centre's Orders interface.

This issue was introduced when the TOTECS platform was migrated across to its new high availability servers this year, and the underlying software supporting the platform was upgraded in the process, which did not completely support the way failed connections were being handle.

This issue would typically only have an impact if the Connector software was unavailable, due to networking changes/issues, or internet down time at the location where the server was running the Connector software. If this did occur over the past 3-4 months then we would highly recommend that checks be performed to ensure that no orders have been missed from being dispatched over the time frame. Generally we would recommend that these checks be done regardless on a weekly basis to ensure all customer's orders are being handled, and that the status of the Connector is regularly monitored.

This bug would not have stopped the order submission Emails from being sent out to both the administrator and submitting user, but it would have caused the "Submission Failure Notification" Email to not have been sent out to administrators advising of the connection issue, if its setting was turned on.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused, and look to have a bug fix deployed into the platform on Monday night 7/12/2015.

TOTECS Software Development Manager