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Improvement - Allow SEO of paginator links in Product Search Results Listing content managed web page area

Author Alectro Manager
18th February 2016

Hi Guys, I was trying to work out why Google is not crawling all Pagination Pages of each of our categories, as a lot of our customers are using organic Google searches to look up our part codes but not being able to find our products. This is especially important to us as many of our products codes are specified in tenders, but our company name is not always listed as the supplier. What I found, and please let me know if I'm on the wrong track, is Google is efficiently crawling our site and caching the first page but once it crawls the page, because the "cached" page is not connected to the server the "" page request fails, and in turn the content on all of the remaining pages is not being crawled. Step 1. Google search for "HDMI Wall Plates" Step 2. Click the [Cached] or " v " down arrow next to our listing and view the Cached content of Alectro's (HDMI Wall Plates) Step 3. At the top click View the "Text-only version" Step 4. Scroll down to the pagination links which are about half way down the page and if you click on any of these page links it takes you to "" respectively Is there a way to insert a link for each one of the pages for Google to crawl, so google can cache the rest of our products?