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How to upgrade and transfer data and settings from Connector software version 0.x to version 1.x

Author Rowan Drew
23rd March 2016
Below are steps required to be able to upgrade and migrate data, as well as settings from the Xsquizzit Accounting Connector version 0.x to Connector version 1.x.

1. Check, download and install Microsoft's .NET 4.6.1 library if not already installed on the computer
2. Download the Connector Host Service installer. Ask the TOTECS team for the URL to download the software.
3. Stop the Xsquizzit Accounting Connector Host windows service. This will stop any data exports, sales order imports, or account enquiry requests from the totecs project configured with the Connector.
4. Run the installer of the Connector Host Service.
5. In Windows open up a Folder Explorer window, locate and delete the Connector's database file. Ask TOTECS staff where this is located.
6. Download the Connector application. Ask the TOTECS team for the URL to download the software.
7. Install the Connector application.
8. Open Xsquizzit Accounting Connector application. If it asks whether you want to upgrade the application ensure that you accept. The latest version of the application must be installed.
9. Click on the Tools menu.
10. Click on the Upgrade Connector Database to Version 1.x
11. In the window's Connector Database Save Folder set the folder location where the Connector contains its program data. This is typically C:/Program Data/SquizzCom/Connector
12. Click on the Start Upgrade button. This will create a new connector database file in the Connector program data folder and copy all data and configurations across from the old Connector into the new Connector database.
13. Close the Xsquizzit Accounting Connector application.
14. Start the Connector Host windows service.
15. Start the Connector application.
16. View the logs and check that no severe errors have occurred when the host service was started.
17. Verify that all Connector settings and adaptor settings have correctly migrated across.
18. For each adaptor click on the Adaptor button.
19. In the Adaptor Password field enter a password then click the save button. Repeat for each adaptor.
20. Open a web browser and login as an administrator user into the TOTECS project that is configured to use the Connector.
21. Click on the Data menu button.
22. Click on the Connector settings menu item.
23. In the Connector Version setting set the version to "1.x or higher"
24. In the Adaptor Password setting set the password as set in step 19
25. Maximise the Connector application again.
26. Run data exports for each adaptor to confirm that data is correctly being exported from the Connector in the TOTECS project. Within the Administration Centre of the TOTECS project verify that the data correctly migrated.

Optional Steps
27. Archive the Xsquizzit Accounting Connector database file to a safe and secure location. This is typically located in C:/Program Data/Xsquizzit/AccountingConnector/accountingconnectordb.db3
28. Uninstall the Xsquizzit Accounting Connector Host Service.
29. Uninstall the Xsquizzit Accounting Connector application.

TOTECS Software Development Manager