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Improvements - New features for listing News/Blogs Items

Author Alectro Manager
20th July 2016
1)All News/Blogs items
Add a new News/Blog Group option to the News Group Blogs/Items Listing Area that allows a feed of all News/Blogs Items regardless of category. This would be a great feed that could be used for a home page. Currently the only option is to create multiple area listings but this is hard to manage once you create additional News Groups

2) add listing order option to -> News Group Blogs/Items Listing Area
a)Recently Viewed items
b)Most Popular items (Number of Views)
c)Most commented items
d)Ascending/Descending (Date)
d)Ascending/Descending (Alphabetical Heading)

3) Add a new area for "News Group Blogs/ Category Listing" this will allow different blog listings to be filtered to the next level. Example , we could set up a Forum with one category, a Blog for another, and news feeds for another.