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Using network share directory with generic adapter

Author Ryan
9th August 2017
I have set up a successful image sync test using the generic adapter on the computer that hosts the adapter, i did so by placing an image and CSV in a single folder and running the connector. Our image database is hosted on a network share because it is to big for the host and my plan was to change the file path for the images to the network share and keep the CSV in a directory on the adapter host, however doing so causes the following error:

Skipping importing an image within the Product Image data export from the Generic1 Adaptor adaptor since its file could not be found.

I have tried hosting the files on different network drives and given "everyone" read/write access to the directory as well as "users" as suggested in the generic adapter instructions. I can connect to all the directories using the user that the adapter is run on and the image path successfully opens when put into a browser but i still cannot get it reading from the network share. Any advice on what could be wrong?