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Error when exporting multiple images for the same product via Generic Adapter

Author Darren Smith
9th October 2017
If a Generic adaptor within the Connector has a Product Images data export configured to upload product images to a TOTECS project,
when multiple images are being located for the same product the connector is giving me an error saying that i have multiple entries for the same "product ID".
How do I configure the Connector to allow both images to be uploaded for the same product?

keyImageID, keyProductID, Description, title, imageFullFilePath
BZ-1000, 2687, Contact Juggling Ball, Contact Juggling Ball, C:UsershackrDesktopImage_syncExportimgBZ-1000.png
BZ-1000A, 2687, Contact Juggling Ball, Contact Juggling Ball, C:UsershackrDesktopImage_syncExportimgBZ-1000A.png

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