Checkout Drop Shipment

TOTECS offers a powerful drop-shipment switch that can be activated for the checkout process.

For bulk distributors who sell to resellers, often a reseller would like to request their order be drop shipped directly to their customer whilst it appears to have been sent from the reseller. Other than the convenience of a swift dispatch, resellers can avoid stocking the goods in question and operate as satellite sales channels. This approach reduces overheads significantly.

Drop shipment workflows are slightly more complicated than it appears. Firstly, the distributor must appear invisible. This means the paper work sent to the customer must state the invoice / order is from the Reseller.

It is this last bit that is difficult to implement. Fortunately, TOTECS offers a dropshipment flag in the order that is submitted through to the suppliers Accounting / ERP System. Once the order has been submitted, the Accounting / ERP must receive the order by checking the dropshipment flag and then altering the internal documents and workflow so warehouse staff know what to do.