Freight Surcharges

When it comes to eCommerce checkout, calculating Freight properly can be very tricky. This is because there can be a myriad of conditions that need to be satisfied such as:

  • Metro versus Interstate
  • Handling bulky items
  • Special customer discounts or exemptions
  • Carrier restrictions
  • International shipping
  • Various delivery modes (road, air, express)
  • Dropshipment

The Order Surcharge Rules feature in TOTECS allows you to control your own freight logic through a simple tree view. Different rules are nested in the tree according to the logic required. When a user proceeds through the checkout process, TOTECS works through the order surcharge rules accumulating the freight costs as it goes.

Freight costs can be set as fixed Inc or Ex rates, or calculated using advanced formulas. Often, its useful to iterate the shopping cart and apply additional surcharges for bulky goods.

If you need absolutely accurate freight quotes, consider our Integrated Freight using a 3rd party tool such as SmartFreight. Better still, the Integrate Freight features are available as Order Surcharge Rules. Once SmartFreight comes back with a quoted price, you could markup the freight by an extra % to cater for losses elsewhere.

The TOTECS Order Surcharge Rules gives you unlimited governance over freight rules to handle extremely complex scenarios and calculations. If you have a complex freight requirement, consider posting a question in our Forums.