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Integrated SmartFreight

Many retail and wholesale distributors use SmartFreight to provide quotes and automate the booking process across their shipping carriers using SmartFreight software.

The benefits of SmartFreight is significant. Staff simply enter the sender and destination addresses for an order and SmartFreight works out the carrier of choice based on business logic already configured. A quote is provided and if accepted, the SmartFreight software raises the freight order with the carrier and prints the labels ready to go onto boxes and out the door.


Where TOTECS Fits In
Raising the freight order is often a manual process where staff must key the sender and delivery addresses and freight costs can only be quoted after the order is received. That's where TOTECS raises the bar.

TOTECS can be connected to your SmartFreight profile so that real-time freight quotes and carrier options can be presented to the customer during online checkout. Workflow configurations can be configured from the TOTECS Administration Centre.

The Order Surcharges manager provides additional flexibility to decide which customers/order conditions will trigger the use of SmartFreight for both quoting and posting freight consignments.

A special mode called partial import is also available where TOTECS simply raises the freight order header. This saves staff from keying in sender and delivery address details.

TOTECS and SmartFreight totally automates the quoting and booking of freight consignments.


  • Weight data must be stored for every product (for user quoting and raising consignments)
  • You will need to establish a SmartFreight account visit SmartFreight and nominate / configure your carriers
  • Optionally a list of rules where SmartFreight will not be used to calculate freight automatically. Ie, $10 fixed rate for Melbourne Metro whereby a company owned van is used for deliveries.
Stores > Frieght Provider Settings
  • Sending Order Freight Notifications
  • Users Choose the Freight Carrier for an Order
  • Freight settings