Order Surcharges

The Order Surcharge Rules feature in TOTECS allows you to set rules that influence the surcharges applied to an order at the point of checkout. Surcharges calculated can be:

  • Freight Fees
  • Credit Card Discount/ Surcharges
  • Minimum Order Discount/ Surcharges

The Order Surcharge Rule manager is a simple tree view. Different rules are nested in the tree according to the logic required. When a user proceeds through the checkout process, TOTECS works through the order surcharge rules accumulating the fees as it goes.

Warehouse Switching
For companies with multiple warehouses across different states or territories, there is generally a need to post the online order to the warehouse closest to the delivery destination. This can be tricky in the case where a user is purchasing for a company and they want the goods shipped to a specific office. In this case, the warehouse the order is to be applied to needs to switch based on the postcode in the delivery address.

Fortunately, there is an Order Surcharge Rule that allows you to switch warehouse codes based on any conditions you like. This powerful feature cuts the cost of handling and makes logistics much simpler. Better still, TOTECS does all the work saving staff time and eliminating confusion.

If you have a specific order surcharge requirement, consider browsing and posting your question in our Forums.

Order Surcharges Manager in Admin Centre