In this edition of Real Talk I will be focus on the benefits of eMarketing and ways to optimize online marketing to promote your business.

As you all know marketing is essential for the development and promotion of your business and brand. eMarketing is the process by which a business uses traditional marketing strategies and procedures, however, rather than physical conventions, traditional procedures of marketing are applied to a digital online environment via your website, online tools or online resources. Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing can redefine your business to grow in customer relationships by sending relevant eMedia messages targeted at a specific customer group in real time. 

Benefits of eMarketing
An effective use of email marketing can maximize global visibility and recognition of your brand and products. This is done through online marketing techniques in conjunction with your company website. eMarketing provides the resources to increase a companies capital by targeting a specific customer base with direct marketing procedures. When executed correctly, return of investment (ROI) from online marketing can exceed physical marketing strategies in promoting your business. 

Cost effective:
Emarketing is 20 times more cost effective than traditional marketing mediums (Source: Experian), it can drive traffic to your website, which will assist in boosting your Google ranking.

Reach to customers:
The Internet is global and therefore by using online methods of marketing, businesses can market on a global scale, extending the reach of your business promotion.

Personalized Approach:
eMarketing is a personalized approach to your business marketing, allowing your business to establish relationships with your clients. Emarketing has the capability to section target audience groups based on interests and relevance to your customer base to give marketing a personalized approach.

Unlike physical marketing methods eMarketing can be tracked. Your business can view results to personalise and target messages at the right time for your clients.


What should you promote?
Emarketing can be used to promote your products, new offers, as a news service or for important announcements. The way eMarketing is used is based on your businesses online communication strategies to promote and market your business and brand. 

Key aspects to remember:
When producing eMedia, set realistic objectives and strategies to target your audience. Ensure the content is aimed at your client demographic, and remember to keep it relevant and informative. Most importantly, avoid deviating from the topic presented.

TOTECS eMarketing eMedia feature

The TOTECS platform offers an eMarketing eMedia feature to allow you to maintain online communication with your customer base, which in return assists in both brand and business promotion. Through the Administration Centre, the TOTECS eMarketing feature provides users the ability to compose and send messages to specific user groups and subscription categories. 

Benefits of the feature:
  • Instantly sends eMedia messages
  • Allows users to sign up to emarketing during registration 
  • Manually assign users to subscription categories and user groups through your Admin Centre
  • Easily execute eMedia messages with the content editor
  • Duplicate previous eMedia messages with the clone tool 
  • Track and monitor eMedia performance in real time 

Emarketing Takeaways
  • Email marketing can maximize visibility and recognition of your brand on a global scale
  • ROI of online marketing can exceed physical marketing strategies
  • Emarketing is 20 times more cost effective then traditional marketing 
  • Emarketing can target a specific customer base through direct marketing focused on client demographics
  • Emarketing can be tracked and monitored 

Tip of the week
The Product deals and vouchers feature allows users to receive discounts assigned to them, boosting online sales. A product deals area can be incorporated into eMedia messages, allowing users to see only the deals that are available to them. For more information on eMarketing or product deals and vouchers, give us a call on 1300 123 500, or send an email to service@totecs.com and we'll help you get started.