Eliminate Manual Keying from PDF to Order

Imagine what it would be like if you eliminated all manual keying of purchase orders emailed from customers. The most successful clients on TOTECS achieve approximately 40% of orders keyed in online, whilst up to 65% do their research online. The harsh reality is that for many customers, they must create a Purchase Order in their ERP/Accounting System and then email it through for entry into your system.

The Holy Grail is for these orders to flow through from end to end without any error nor any consideration for the integrated systems in play. This is what is built for. We call it Universal Electronic Data Interchange (UEDI).

In the meantime, staff still are required to manually key in orders from pdf attachments embedded in emails. Now there will be a way to eliminate this keying via a PDF Order Import being built into TOTECS' sister platform

Our RnD team are currently actively developing the automated PDF order import tool into and it's set to be a very powerful mechanism to win back margin by reducing manual keying, errors and hidden costs.

We are currently asking clients to submit example customer Purchase Order PDF files to us, so the RnD team can test the facility with all manner of different formats. The first alpha testing release of this facility is only weeks away.