Did you know Ezymart Distribution is powered by TOTECS?

Ezymart Distribution, Australia's leading wholesale distributor and importer, is the driving force behind the success of over 500 Ezymart stores nationwide, offering a diverse inventory of over 5000 products. But here's the exciting part: Ezymart Distribution doesn't just cater to its stores; it supports a wide range of businesses, from convenience stores, newsagencies, and grocery stores to pharmacies.

What makes this possible? Ezymart Distribution has harnessed the power of B2B eCommerce through the TOTECS eCommerce platform. With this innovative solution, businesses can place orders efficiently and seamlessly 24/7. Each order placed online seamlessly integrates into Ezymart Distribution's backend systems, streamlining the process from order to pick, pack, and dispatch.

At TOTECS, we take immense pride in being at the core of this dynamic partnership. Our technology empowers Ezymart's distribution network and ensures vibrant shopping experiences at every corner of the country.

The best part? TOTECS is here to enable your business, just like Ezymart Distribution, to thrive in today's fast-paced retail landscape. Join the revolution and stay tuned for more exciting developments! Your success is just a click away.