KWT pedalling its way to success

KWT is a bicycle parts and accessory wholesaler servicing bicycle stores in Australia and some Pacific Nations. Selling a combination of known brands and general bicycle components, KWT's goal is to provide products of great value and quality for resale to bicycle retailers. We would like to share their case study with the community.

The Vital Role of Product/Brand Category Tree in an E-Commerce Platform

KWT, in collaboration with TOTECS, chose to build their new website using our MWD-2 templates making it the first of its kind. The remarkable layout of the website features detailed profiling of attributes that supports filtering of products according to customers' requirements. The ultimate highlight of KWT's website is the Product/Brand Category Tree that provides a comprehensive view of all the brands and associated products available on the platform. Moreover, the Sales Repspace feature makes it much faster and efficient for staff to search Product Catalogue, build orders for customers, set custom discount and price information. Other significant features of KWT e-commerce website includes Dealer locator, designed for their customers to look for the nearest dealer of KWT products just by searching a postcode, suburb or city. Another very useful feature provided by TOTECS is the shipment dates on products, it provides customer with the stock information and when a product runs out of stock, it shows the next date of shipment. Other added functionalities of the platform include Contract Pricing, Product Flags (Present & Customized), Search Filters, Banners and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

"TOTECS assisted us with an integrated website to support MYOB system on KWT imports. We faced major issues in migrating to MWD along with the addition of datasets. Our B2B platform has seen a steady growth due to the interactive website with Product Stock Levels that supported our customers in creating online accounts and placing orders. It is very fundamental to talk to the services team at TOTECS as they quickly solve the issues. In my opinion, TOTECS is a great wholesale trade Interface, I would recommend TOTECS to businesses with the sales volume of over million dollars as its a long detailed process."  
- Eamon Thompson from KWT Imports


What’s New: Important Improvements 

The new TOTECS Release 13.01 is now available on the platform and here are few important highlights of the improvements.

URL Route Improvement: For content managed websites a new Webpage URL routing rule has been added that allows users to be taken to a specified webpage based on the URL matching a specified category, or any of its child categories. This can heavily reduce the amount of routing rules needing to be set up when top level category web pages are used for the same child web pages.

Email Notification Improvement: When E-media Emails are sent out there is now the ability for an administrator to receive an email notification if any recipient users unsubscribe from e-marketing. This allows admins to be easily made aware on who is unsubscribing.

Location Finder Improvement: On a content managed web page displaying a Location Finder area, when a user clicks on a location marker, the Location Detail popup can now be customised to show the required details of the location. 

Speed Improvement: The Make/Model Mappings Connector data import has been improved to run around 7 times faster than before. Allowing more make/model data to be imported quicker.

Data Upload Improvement: On the TOTECS platform the maximum upload size of any data uploaded for a project has been increased from 20MB to 30MB per request. This allows for larger data imports from the Connector, as well as larger product image and file attachments.

These are just few of the many improvements from TOTECS Release 13.01, head to TOTECS Forum to learn about all the updates and in case of any queries feel free to post them.