Sales Reps Ordering Catapults SEO Rankings and Dramatically Reduces Search Speed

Sales reps are the highest users by far of any of our clients' hosted TOTECS eCommerce websites. With Repspace facilities built into the Content Management System (CMS); reps can navigate the website product catalogue exactly the same way that customers do. It happens all day, every day, as they go about fielding customer enquiries and submitting orders on their behalf.

The constant repeat traffic of sales reps is liquid gold for natural Google SEO rankings. Why? Because Google analytics monitors daily traffic activity, baseline load and user session duration. Google will determine that a website has better quality content, the longer the user session is active.

Some TOTECS clients have both rep and customer service personnel using the website, which further catapults SEO rankings and keeps them on top of competitors in organic searching.

Despite the softer economic conditions, TOTECS clients, who have adopted this winning formula, continue to outperform the market, with consistent growth in website traffic and online sales. Clients using Repspace facilities have seen a minimum average annual growth of approximately 15% over the past 5 years and there is no looking back.

Repspace was designed exactly for this purpose. Typical sales reps ordering tools are mostly separate apps or modules in the ERP, that require a remote desktop login. Google is blind to navigation activity in these tools and thus those businesses miss the enormous SEO potential and lock in that Repspace offers, by being built into their TOTECS content managed website.

More advanced reps features are on the drawing board for 2024 with further integrated workflows with coming.