Single Page Checkout for B2B and B2C On Its Way

Our RnD team have spent the past 6 months researching single page checkout, which has become a popular and simplified process for retail consumer customers. Instead of sequencing through multiple checkout pages, the user works from top to bottom to complete their order. For B2C workflows, the process is somewhat simpler, however for B2B workflows where advanced freight, logistics, deals, and payment mechanisms need to be factored in, it's quite a complex task to get right.

Our RnD team released delivery address auto-complete mechanisms available to User Registration and Order Checkout forms. With this feature turned on, it can enable your online customers to start typing their address, and the auto-complete works with Google's Maps service to show matching addresses to choose from. This makes it faster, more accurate and easier for your users to complete delivery addresses. for all the details.

For B2B workflows, auto complete address selection must still enable the customers to either choose delivery addresses already set against their debtor account, or provide special instructions in addition to address data. This functionality is ready to implement so feel free to get in touch with to get the ball rolling.

We are currently looking into developing a single page Order Checkout solution. This looks to simplify Order Checkout for your users, leading to a more streamlined ordering experience. It would keep the advanced order checkout features, such as freight carrier selection, dynamic surcharge calculations, warehouse/location assignment, as well as product deal recalculations, but do it all with less major page updates. If this is functionality interests you, then feel free to get in touch with