From Click To Robot - TOTECS Clients Push Integrated Warehouse Automation

Ezymart Distribution are taking warehouse automation to a whole new level with the implementation of Amazon style robotics automation. After acquiring a 20,000 sqm warehouse in Sydney's west, Ezymart Distribution have implemented the robotics hardware and have started picking. Ezymart Distribution want to achieve complete end-to-end automation from click to robot, and have engaged us to work with them to integrate with their new ERP Platform, to harness the new automation capabilities.

With over 1000 customers ordering online all day, every day, Ezymart Distribution want to further harness the advanced order surcharge and integrated freight mechanisms, to achieve zero touch order fulfillment in the near future.

Several leading TOTECS clients have invested heavily into warehouse automation as well as tablet/mobile devices for picking & packing. A key TOTECS feature for large distributors is account specific dynamic order routing. For example, when a user is a customer linked to a sub debtor in Victoria, the order is posted to the Melbourne Warehouse versus the Sydney warehouse for sub debtor in New South Wales.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss advanced click-to-delivery automation workflows.