TOTECS Platform Release 12.03

The TOTECS team hope you've had a great restful Easter break!

Back in summer we introduced a number of new features and workflows into the TOTECS platform to deal with quoting. These enhancements can allow your customers, sales reps, and staff to be able to search for and view quotes within your website, based on quote records retrieved from your connected accounting, ERP, CRM and other business systems.

We also added the ability for website users to convert retrieved quotes into sales orders using the existing Order Checkout website process. If your business uses quoting processes a lot, then these new features can help save and make more money by getting customers and staff to more quickly view quotes, and convert quotes into real sales, all without having to log into multiple systems.

Additionally in the 12.03 TOTECS platform release we added new functionality to import make/model data from connected business systems and spreadsheets through the Connector software. This can allow make/model data to be more efficiently be set up, saving staff time and effort, ultimately allowing customers to find and purchase products quicker when make/model searching is available to them.

Watch the release video to see all the details and other great improvements added to the platform, also feel free to subscribe to the TOTECS youtube channel to stay in the know, or talk to us on the TOTECS forums.

Many happy regards from the TOTECS team.

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Learn how customers, sales reps and staff can search for and see a list of quotes displayed in a content managed website, where quotes are retrieved from connected accounting/ERP/CRM and other business systems.



Learn how users can view the details of a quote record in a content managed webpage that has been retrieved from connected business systems.


See how users can convert quotes retrieved from connected business systems to sales orders using the Order Checkout process.
Learn how administrators can search for and view quotes retrieved from connected business systems within the Administration Centre.


See how Make/Model data can now be exported from spreadsheets and databases and imported into websites on the TOTECS platform through the Connector software.