TOTECS Platform Release 12.04

We hope you're having a great warm autumn. During this time we have released 2 amazing new features into the TOTECS platform and 11 improvements to help your business thrive online. Check out the release video to see all the goodies in action!

This release adds the ability to show a Location Finder on your website, displaying a Google map where users can search for locations relevant to your business. This allows your customers, staff and other users to search for a list of locations near them such as stores, dealers, suppliers and any other places you can think of. Users can select a location as their default, then proceed through order checkout and have their order shipped to the nominated location, perfect for offering order pick-up delivery options!

If you're a wholesaler then using this feature may allow you to open direct-to-consumer selling, and keep your list of retailers/distributors on your side by including them in the selling and delivery process.

We also added more deal offers to the Product Deals and Vouchers feature based on the total quantity or amount of products users have added to their basket, as well as settings to restrict deals being redeemed to a limited number of orders. This is perfect for offering a deal where new customers get a discount on the first order they submit!

We also added a number of smaller improvements, including a setting that allows products in existing user baskets to be re-priced when they next login, switch baskets, or checkout.

Watch the release video to see all the details and other great improvements added to the platform, also feel free to subscribe to the TOTECS youtube channel to stay in the know, or talk to us on the TOTECS forums.

Many happy regards from the TOTECS team.

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Learn how customers, sales reps and staff can search for and see a list of locations using the Locations Finder feature and a Google map.



Learn how administrator users can quickly geocode many locations imported into a TOTECS project.


See how administrator users can set up product deal offers based on the total amount or quantity of products in a user's basket.
Learn how administrators can set up product deal offers that limit customers to redeeming a deal for a limited number of orders.


See how administrator users can turn on a setting that allows products to be re-priced or removed from customer's baskets each time they login, switch baskets, or checkout.


See how administrator usres can download project traffic statistics data to a CSV spreadsheet file from the Administration Centre.


See how Category data can now be imported into the TOTECS platform and assigned to specific category trees.