TOTECS Platform Release 13.01 and 13.02

Over the first half of 2019 the TOTECS team is too excited to bring you a wealth of improvements and new functionality into the TOTECS platform, with 2 new features, 14 improvements and 15 bug fixes through the 13.01 release and 13.02 releases.

Included in these releases is the new "2 Factor Authentication" capability for user login. When enabled it allows a user to receive and enter an additional authentication code that is sent to their phone via SMS, before being able to complete login. This ensures that only when the user has their phone on them are they able to login to your website and order, reducing the ability for users to pass credentials around, as well as hinder hackers from being able to login with stolen credentials.

A new data import has been added to the platform that allows Currency Exchange Rates to be imported via the Connector software. This can automate updating the rates when a website has the multi-currency feature turned on. Using the Connector the exchange rates can be obtained from many 3rd party exchange rate websites and banks, allowing for automatic updating of exchange rates at scheduled times. This helps overseas customers see more accurate product pricing in currencies they are familiar with.

Plus there are many other great time-saving improvements in these releases. Watch the first 3 minutes of the release video to get a brief overview of the great new enhancements we've made in the release, as well as watch in-depth detail on all the important improvements. Also feel free to subscribe to the TOTECS youtube channel to stay in the know, or talk to us on the TOTECS forums

Many happy regards from the TOTECS team.

Release Highlights

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Learn how to 2 factor authentication can be turned on to provide additional security when users login to a website hosted on the TOTECS platform.


See how currency exchange rates can be imported  from external currency exchange rates websites and banks the from the Connector software. Automating multi-currency capabilities for admins.
Learn how URL routing rules within content managed websites can be set up to redirect a category any of its child categories to the same web page.


See how flag names are now displayed in the alternative text of product flag images.


See how the Basket Summary content managed web page area will dynamically reload itself after a user has successfully submitted an order on the same web page.


Learn how administrator users can now search users who have not ordered over a given time frame. See how the search rule can be combined with the Product Deals and Vouchers and Emarketing features to target these users to purchase more products.

Learn how pricing and quantity amounts displayed in Account Enquiry invoice, sales order, back order, payment, credit and quote records can now be rounded to a configurable number of decimal places.

Learn how registration profiles can be set up so that when new users sign up they are set initial settings for 2 factor authentication, price tax format, and news/blog item notifications.

Learn how the tax price rounding in orders can now be applied in multiple different ways, either at the line level, or at the order total level.

Learn how child combination products will now always display in Contract Product Listing content managed web page areas, regardless of whether child products are set to not show in product listing areas.

Learn how administrator users can now receive email notifications when users unsubscribe from Emarketing.