TOTECS Platform Releases 15.00 and 15.01

Here at TOTECS over the first half of this year we have been creating out a great amount of functionality into the TOTECS platform, to help your online business meet our new COVID normal world. We have added 1 new feature, 18 improvements and 11 bug fixes to the platform across the 15.00 and 15.01 releases.

In these releases we have focused on security enhancements of payments for orders, to reduce the opportunity of fraudulent payments occurring and impacting your bottom line. We have added support for 3D Secure credit card payments when using Eway's payment gateway, added the ability to send address data to PayPal to allow for seller protection, put in strict limits for consecutive failed credit card payment attempts, as well as enabled Recaptcha to be set for order credit card payment forms. These all help manage the increasing threats of fraudulent credit cards being used.

On top of this we have added the ability to send order data to Google Analytics via Google's Tag Manager service. This allows for additional reporting capabilities, particularly useful to gain greater insights into guest users ordering, as well as other sales trends Google Analytics may help identify.

Other improvements we have added include the capability for users to set the sorting of products in their shopping lists, the ability to display customised attribute data for products assigned to make/models, ability to show freight carrier/tracking data in invoices and for administrator users to have the ability to search for products that are missing data.

And there are plenty more improvements in the TOTECS releases of 15.00 and 15.01 that can enhance your business functions when dealing with freight, payments, as well as help your users navigate through your websites.

You can check out all the great changes available by watching the latest release video, or clicking on any of the links below to take you to a specific feature or enhancement.

Many regards from the TOTECS team

                                                                                              Release Highlights


View all release highlights from start to finish

Check out the new ability to support 3D Secure Credit Card Payments for orders using the Eway Payment Gateway.

See the new limit to the number of failed credit card attempts in a user's session. 
See the ability to pass order delivery address data to PayPal to help PayPal provide seller protection for orders.


See the advanced capability of Multi-file Uploader that has been rebuilt and removed support for Flash.

Learn how to set Ordering Value for uploaded Product Images using Filename Suffix.

See how to Display Attribute Values for Products Assigned To Models within Model Products Content Managed Web Page Areas.

See how Products can now be found when they have no values set in the Product Fields.

See how Users can customize the Sorting and Product Quantities set in shopping lists. 

See how Users can customize sorting of Product Combination Fields, Field Values, and Child Products.

See how the Receiver name can be set to a delivery contact name when orders are sent to SmartFreight System and Shipping Labels.

Learn how Freight Carrier data can be shown in invoices retrieved from connected business systems 
Learn how to send confirmed order data across Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager service to allow additional reporting capabilities.