A Journey From Remote Controlled Car Racing to Fully Automated Hobby Business

Hobby Habit is Adelaide's leading hobby shop selling RC planes and cars, drones and model trains.Their aim has always been to provide their customers with the best possible buying advice and after sales service for all the products they sell. We are delighted to share Hobby Habit's case study with the community.

Designed on the MWD, Hobby Habit’s website is armed with a Mega Navigation Menu, a modern arrangement for traditional drop-down menu. As the company functions in both retail and wholesale industries, the website is a complete guide for passionate visitors and buyers. To boost customer satisfaction, TOTECS & Hobby Habit restructured the website to provide extensive detailing of their entire range using products attributes, giving Hobby Habit's customers a broad perspective of the type of products available on their online store. To further assist the customers on their eCommerce platform, a Freight Calculator operates to provide the customer with an expected amount of fees to be charged on delivery. Moreover, the Hobby Habit's website now accepts ZipPay as a method of payments for its customers.

hobby habit

When we started doing business with TOTECS, we wanted to achieve more sales, more online accounts and more availability of products on our eCommerce website. Initially, we didn’t face any issues with the implementation but as soon as the detailed processes jumped in, it required a lot of hard work and effort as it was new for both of us. With TOTECS, we were able to attain new customers as well as our old customers started using our online platform that resulted in more sales. We are quite content with their services team as they always fix issues on time and are fully committed with our company goals. If you are looking for great people who would help you and your company reach new levels of eCommerce business, TOTECS is the right choice.
- Sean from Hobby Habit


Freight Calculator:

In countless cases, a surprise freight fee is snuck in at the end of the ordering process and often leads to an abandoned shopping cart and a lost sale.TOTECS offers a clever and popular solution to overcome this blocker by embedding a Freight Calculator function in the shopping basket summary page prior to checkout. 
The Freight Calculator feature is highly recommended for companies who need to build trust fast such as a consumer facing eCommerce website. Learn more about Freight Calculator here.

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