eCommerce Boom for 2019 Financial Year


It is with the great pleasure to get in touch with you after completing a mammoth financial year.  The great news is that growth in eCommerce is everywhere to be seen.  All generations are well and truly online and utilisation of TOTECS continues to expand with every client rewarded with increased leads and sales coming from their websites. 

With such positive growth, our team has grown over the year thus bringing a whole new level of expertise and perspective.  We welcome them to the TOTECS community and feel free to review their profiles at the bottom of this email.

Powerful New Features Roundup
During the financial year, just under $1m was invested into RnD activities ranging across some very important developments:

  • Master Website Design Templates (v 1.1 and 1.2) which is proving to be the most capable B2B/B2C mobile responsive websites on the market that users just love.
  • Product Datasets embedded in the Connector that augments ERP inventory through easy multi-user product data management tools.
  • Locations feature for Dealer Locator, Find a Store and Checkout Store Selection.
  • Connector Generic Adapter presets making it possible for TOTECS to integrate with virtually any Business Software on the market.
  • Plus loads of other new features and enhancements

If you want to learn more, checkout the release videos. It will be popcorn well spent as it will spark new ideas for your eCommerce strategy going forward.
Post an FAQ On The New Website

The new website contains much more information about the platform and a revamped Forums section allowing for direct Q and A with our product development team. If you can’t find it, ask it. It’s Free!
The best way to build up your eCommerce strategy is to hear from others using the platform. Our team will be conducting interviews and presenting client case studies in our RealTalk newsletters. Takes Off

Our new platform continues to expand into various industry supply chains. The platform has eliminated the double keying of over 25,000 transactions which has saved many $$$s in admin time. If you want to discover supply chain automation for your business, checkout the procurement video / white paper.  To make it happen, sign up to and connect with Will Gawler using his invite code WIL-F6ZV-MFT then kick off a secure conversation to discuss possibilities.
FY2019 is set to be an outstanding year for both TOTECS and clients and we look forward to working with you to take your online business to the next level.
Take care,
Glenn Drew

New Faces Bring A Wealth Of Expertise 

Over FY18, we welcomed some new faces to the teams in both TOTECS and  Their extensive experience in their relevant field of excellence expands our capacity to deliver ever better services, advice and capability. 

Set Title 
Andrew Grant (March 2017)

With more than a decade of experience in Web development and IT support, Andy joined our team last year as e-Commerce Software Engineer. Andy has sound knowledge of web development and worked for a number of top notch giants of the IT Industry. He is a strong part of our dynamic R&D team that constantly works for the improvement of the platform and makes sure our clients and their customers have an ideal user experience.


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Darren Smith (July 2017)

After a career in IT dating back to the State Bank of Victoria in the late 70's, Darren joined TOTECS last year after being a TOTECS client for over 10 years at Model Engines and World hobbies. His brief in the newly created position of eCommerce Services Coordinator is to 'Bat for the Client' and be the interface with technically minded folk at TOTECS (yes geeks) and to provide a practical, customer orientated view of the customers' IT world. Darren is a keen amateur golfer, cellist, snow skier and auto enthusiast as well as enjoying the occasional glass of good wine. If you need help to get something done on your TOTECS website, give Darren a call and he will 'don the pads' and 'go in to bat for you'. 

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Louise Walker (July 2017)

An experienced leader and HR professional with more than 15 years of experience in Human Resources and management roles including Director of HR, HR Advisor and Training Manager. Louise has joined SQUIZZ as the Business Manager, looking after both the HR function as well as making sure the team has all the resources they need to get their jobs done. Louise has a fabulous can-do attitude and is excellent at getting in there and getting the job done. No two days are ever the same and as we grow Louise’s role will too and will become more exciting by the day.

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Sameer Abbas (November 2017)

A versatile and dedicated marketing professional with more than 3 years of experience in digital and broadcasting media marketing with expertise in strategic planning, client management, events and building strong business relationships. Sameer has strength in working with diverse groups to achieve company’s objective. Currently, he is working as an e-Commerce Marketing Coordinator.

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Will Gawler (April 2018)

Will has a proven track record of Sales and Marketing with more than 12 years of experience in International markets. His extensive knowledge of the industry and the optimistic attitude has made everyone fall in love with him. He is a dynamic professional who masters at creating innovative marketing and communication strategies with a consistent history of exceeding company, stakeholder and client expectation. We are pleased to have William Gawler on board as Chief Workflow Architect. 

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Phil Young (July 2018)

An experienced IT professional with more than 30 years of industry experience in roles like Senior Software Systems Analyst, Technical Support Manager and National Support Manager/Director. Phil has joined as a Senior Accounting/ERP Integration Analyst, in this role he will be integrating and implementing across various ERP platforms and will also be training SQUIZZ partners and staff with the implementation.