Master Web Design: A need for every eCommerce business


Instant Shade Umbrellas' wholesale website has been live on the TOTECS platform since 2012 and have recently moved from the trade interface to an MWD website. Their upgrade is a story that we would love to share with the community. 

What has MWD website done for Instant Shade Umbrellas? 
Instant Shade Umbrellas is a family-owned and family-run business with more than 20 years of experience in providing shade solutions in Australia. They are Importers, wholesalers and distributors of quality umbrella and shade solutions. TOTECS provided Instant Shade Umbrellas with an up to date website in the form of MWD website for their business which was a fully implemented eCommerce website with a Mobile Responsive Design that reduced the number of orders that their customers were submitting via phone and email. The intuitive presentation of the product catalogue make it an ideal experience for customers which ultimately increased the sales.

“We have had a partnership with TOTECS for more than half a decade now, which started when we felt the need to upgrade our platform with more modern web technology. Initially, we faced challenges integrating TOTECS with our accounting system as it is not a popular one, however the user-friendly design of TOTECS platform provided a breakthrough to these challenges resulting in more users visiting and making purchases from the Instant Shade Umbrellas wholesale website. The TOTECS team assisted the implementation in a very helpful manner and post-implementation services are great. I would recommend TOTECS to businesses that are looking for a manageable platform for their continuously changing eCommerce needs and requires quality assistance with their back-end processes.” – Michael from Instant Shade Umbrellas. 


According to the Yellow Digital Report 2018, smartphones are the most popular devices (87%) when it comes to the equipment ownership by consumers in Australia followed by Tablets (64%) and Desktop (60%). Mobile Responsive Layout ensures that website adapts to customer needs across all generations and validate the importance of having a mobile friendly eCommerce website. Would you like to know more about how an MWD website can transform your online business, then contact us now and talk to our eCommerce experts. If you have any questions about MWD websites or Mobile responsive designs, feel free to post it on TOTECS forums

What does an MWD website cost? 
As of 1st October 2018, you can have MWD website for $600 per month* + implementation charges excluding GST.
You can view the detailed MWD pricing structure here.

(*Terms & Conditions apply). 

What’s New? Clone Content Managed Websites:
The TOTECS Release 12.06 introduced a new feature of cloning a Content Managed website. There is now the ability for administrator users to clone an existing content managed website, allowing a new content managed website containing all content copied from an existing website. 

This new feature is beneficial for businesses as it will make it easy to set up second website and upgrade it without interfering an existing website.

TOTECS release

Head to our YouTube channel and learn how to create a new content managed website by cloning all the web pages, files, content and configurations from an existing content managed website.