ORCA: Designed by athletes, for athletes.

Orca has a track record of over 20 years as a leading sports apparel brand, predominantly in the triathlon arena. Just as the triathlon embodies endurance, stamina and versatility, so does every piece in the Orca collection. Orca have worked tirelessly over the past two decades to evolve, innovate and perform with the athletes. Today, Orca is recognized as the preferred brand amongst new entrant and professional triathletes around the globe.

How ORCA differentiated it's offerings from the competitors?
Orca joined hands with TOTECS to systematically reform their online presence. By customizing their website, Orca have been able to match their unique brand to the exclusive website layout. Orca have defined their sales strategy to solely focus on retail users in order to understand their individual needs and connect one-on-one with every individual who choose Orca products. This decision of customization has given them better search engine results to drive more users to their website, outperforming the competition, connecting with the customer and adapting to the changing needs of the company. As the website is built to the specification of business owners, it is providing the best user experience and resulting in the growth of business and customer satisfaction.


When we decided to collaborate with TOTECS, our online business goal was to offer our customers with an ideal user experience and to maintain our business data in an effective way. The site was designed taking into consideration Orca branding and to enhance consumers experience of online shopping.  A project is not without issues, but whenever an obstacle was identified, the Totecs team either resolved or was proactive in assessing alternatives. The TOTECS service team is responsive when it comes to providing assistance and resolving issues and would like to recommend TOTECS to businesses looking for a complete and integrated online solution 

- Peter Howard 


What's New: Important Improvements

The latest TOTECS Platform Release 13.01 is now available on the platform and here are few important highlights of the improvements:

  • Tax Calculation Improvement: There is now the ability for baskets and orders to have the tax rounding calculation done in 2 different ways, either by first rounding tax totals for each product/surcharge and then summing up the taxes together to get the final tax total, or the new 2nd method is to calculate the tax by first totalling all the products and surcharges together that use the same tax code then apply the tax rate to calculate the tax total that is rounded. The tax total from these product/surcharge tax groups is then summed together to provide the final tax total.
  • Customer Account Contract Detail Improvement: On a content managed web page displaying a Customer Account Contract Detail area, if a product in a contract is assigned to a parent combination product and the project's "Show Combination Children" setting is set to OFF, the area will now ignore this setting and always show products regardless of if they are assigned to a parent combination product or not.
  • ALT HTML Attribute Improvement: On a content managed website, when a product flag image is displayed, the image now contains an alt attribute which contains the label of the product flag being used. This can help for search engine optimization by allowing search engine crawlers to find more information about the displayed image, as well as accessibility.
  • Basket Summary Improvement: On a content managed web page area displaying either an Order Checkout/Submission area, or a Guest Order Checkout/.Submission area, if a user proceeds through checkout and successfully submits an order, then any Basket Summary areas displayed on the web page will dynamically update to show that the basket has been cleared and has no products within it.

You can access the entire list of new improvements and bug fixes from TOTECS Platform Release 13.01. You can also post queries regarding these new improvements or any other technical query on TOTECS Forum