Recipe for E-Commerce Success 


The start of the new financial year has been really exciting for TOTECS with several major projects going LIVE and many more nearing completion. In this issue of REALTALK we will recommend a number of tactics to make the most of your TOTECS Platform which will help maximise revenue for your business as well as strategies for successful customer retention. 

The TOTECS Platform is full of features that not only enhance how users interface with the website, but can be useful in providing a personalised experience for your customers. How so? The features of TOTECS Platform are designed after considering the individual needs and requirements of businesses around the world. Making use of these features can do wonders for any type of business, trading in any category and in any environment. This newsletter will focus on e-Marketing Platform Features and how the right use of this specific feature can result in more web traffic and eventually, more $$$ sales.

The e-Marketing module built into the TOTECS Platform provides a potent method of promoting and communicating your product to the audience. Its provides businesses with the means to control the “Online Promotions Cycle” and allows businesses to send targeted outbound communication to specific groups based on mixing ‘User Subscription Categories’ and ‘User Group Filters’. Furthermore, this feature helps in tracking and monitoring of the promotions along with the feedback from customers for a better understanding of your customers' experience and future requirements. The e-Marketing Feature can be further categorised into three sub-categories: 

E-Media Mailout Messaging: 
With this feature, businesses can send out formatted eNewsletters, specials and deals to their customers with customised message templates and formats. Moreover, businesses can view the success of individual email campaigns in the form of Stats and Graphs.

Other features included in the eMarketing module include: 

  • Easy Content Managed Mailout Editor 
  • Audience Filter Tools to quickly assign target users
  • Clone mailout for redrafting 
  • Embedded Unsubscribe Link to preset or Custom Web Page

Target Audience Tool: 
With this feature, businesses can make and manage user subscription categories to create a pool of users that will be targeted with specific marketing promotions. 

Other features include:

  • Users Subscribe to Categories in User Registration or Enquiry Forms
  • Refine Target Audience with User Group Filters
  • User Group Filtering Rules Based on User / Account / Basket / History / eMarketing

Product Deals & Vouchers:
With this feature, businesses can manage unlimited deals for exclusive discounts and giveaways. This feature can also enhance the business offering by using filter tools to assign different target customers and different target products. 

Other features include: 

  • Automatic Activation Based on Set Date Range
  • Various Redemption Modes Supported (Auto or Promo / Voucher Code)
  • Redemption Frequency Controls (i.e. 2 times per user or account)
  • Report to Analyse Deal Effectiveness - Views / Users / Sales

TOTECS Platform Release 13.01 & 13.02
While our R&D team is working on the next Platform Release, have a look at the TOTECS Platform Release 13.01 & 13.02. These releases consist of 2 new features, 14 improvements and 15 bug fixes that will bring you wealth of improvements along with new functionality. Major highlights of this release:


  • 2-Factor Authentication: TOTECS has successfully incorporated 2-factor authentication into the platform to provide users with protection for their logins. 2-factor authentication is a two-step verification process that confirms the user's identity by utilizing something they know (e.g. password) and the second factor a separate 1-time-use code sent to their mobile phone via SMS.


  • Currency Exchange Rates Connector Data Import: TOTECS platform now has the ability to update the exchange rates when a website has the multi-currency feature turned on. Using the Connector, the exchange rates can be obtained from many 3rd party exchange rate websites and banks, allowing for automatic updating of exchange rates at scheduled times. This helps overseas customers see more accurate product pricing in currencies they are familiar with.

You may read more about this Platform Release and post your queries on TOTECS Forum. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for all the Release Videos.