Smart Data Underpins eCommerce and Automation
TOTECS clients are inspiring. They push boundaries, they are willing to explore, and they love a challenge.  It's their innovative spirit that motivates us to go beyond conventional wisdom, to try new ideas, to experiment, and to make the impossible happen.

Take Alectro for example. 500,000 products, zero inventory of finished goods, and a smart automated manufacturing process.  So, what's their secret? Answer: Smart Data.

Smart Data is structured data that ties into integrated and automated processes. It is shared between systems to get smart things done, such as building customised products.  For example, a product code is normally a sequence of characters i.e. LOL0012.  Generally there is some meaning in the code which makes it useful data for other processes.  For instance, this product could be the twelfth item in the Lolly category identified by LOL.  The code could be used for eCommerce to categorise products in the tree, or for management reports to consolidate sales results.  In Smart Data, the structure of the data forms a code that acts as a DNA for the product.

Alectro have taken this DNA idea to a whole new level.  Here is an example product code for one of their wall plate products: 

CWPFH204F (view product)

The Alectro product codes are Smart Data because the sequence of characters contain all the possible combinations of wall plate, socket and labelling layouts (i.e. DNA).  When an online order is posted to Alectro's accounting system, the manufacturing system interrogates the order and uses the product codes to manufacture the exact items purchased.  To see the Smart Data in action, view the product page in the website and switch between different combinations using the drop down options.  When you change option values, notice the product codes change also.  
In the Seminar, we will delve deeper into case studies such as Alectro to see how Smart Data can be harnessed in the TOTECS and Platforms. If this is of interest, buy tickets here.

Smart Data - Integrated Logistics

Another example of Smart Data in use is SmartFreight. Their logistics software platform electronically books freight orders using the suppliers chosen carriers and associated pricing configured on trade accounts.  TOTECS and integrate to SmartFreight, utilising their Smart Data to deliver end users live freight quotes and post freight orders as part of the checkout process.  This saves a lot of processing time.
Our RnD team and SmartFreight will be presenting at the TOTECS Seminar in the Integrated SmartFreight streamlines checkout and logistics session.  If streamlining logistics is a key part of your commercial strategy, then make sure you buy tickets.
See you there.

Glenn Drew, and The TOTECS Team

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