Stand Out from The Competition by Maximising your Online Potential

An Australian owned company with the best fastening and bolt knowledge, range, stock and service in the business, Newcastle Hi-Tensile Bolt Company (NHTB) is a premier fastener specialist located in Newcastle, servicing Australia. A comprehensive fastener source and the preferred supplier to hundreds of companies spanning the construction, manufacturing, mining, heavy engineering, automotive and maritime industries. The team at NHTB strive to exceed expectations in offering helpful service and advice from their trained professionals to businesses throughout Australia, along with practical solutions to solve any problems.


How NHTB differentiated its online offerings from the other suppliers in their category?
NHTB are operating their online business on the TOTECS platform to provide a unique experience to its significant customer base. Their eCommerce website is built on the MWD format with a Product Catalogue for more than 50,000 products. The MWD platform is equipped with powerful features and smart navigation, so customers can quickly search for products, check pricing and add products to the shopping cart. Moreover, their website’s shopping cart is equipped with a Freight Calculator function that allows the customer to enter details such as post code and method of shipment to obtain an estimated freight quote. This mechanism has helped NHTB win its customers’ trust and provided its customers with the control over their purchasing cost.


What’s New? Two New Features!
The TOTECS Platform Release 13.01 and 13.02 brings two new features that will change the current dynamics of your eCommerce business. These new features are:

  • 2 Factor Authentication for User Login using SMS: When a user logs into a TOTECS project from a User Login content managed web page area, there is now the ability to authenticate the user using both the login ID and password, as well as a separate 1-time-use code sent to their mobile phone via SMS. This two-factor authentication code helps ensure that the user is in possession of an authorised mobile phone, reducing the ability for users to share account credentials which can allow others to easily gain access to the project's data.

Click on the video below to learn how 2 Factor Authentication can be turned on to provide additional security when users login to a website hosted on TOTECS Platform


  • Currency Exchange Rates Connector Data Import: Within the Administration Centre, under the Data menu, within the Data Imports interface, under the Connector Imports tab, a new data import labelled "Currency Exchange Rates" has been added. This data import will call the project's configured Connector software to have its Currency Exchange Rates adaptor data export that will retrieve the currency exchange rates from its data source. The data import will then update the exchange rate for all currencies that have been provided in the data.

Click on the video below to see how currency exchange rates can be imported from external currency exchange rates websites and banks from the Connector software.


You can learn in detail about these new features on our TOTECS YouTube Channel, if you have any queries regarding the new features, feel free to post it on TOTECS Forums.