TOTECS & SQUIZZ combine forces for the much-awaited Industry Seminar


TOTECS & are coming up with one of the most enlightening seminars of the IT industry. We are excited to announce the “eCommerce Automation Seminar” scheduled in winter of 2019. The dates, venue, registration details and agenda of the seminar will soon be shared with all the partners, clients and users of the platform.


Watch this space for further details. For any queries regarding the eCommerce Automation Seminar in 2019, feel free to contact us.

How TOTECS helped Safeman Australia in providing greater customer value?

Our clients use the TOTECS platform in many different ways and we are often asked what others are doing with the platform. Sharing ideas is a vital learning tool, so we are thrilled to present our client case studies. 

Safeman Australia is able to use TOTECS to send online orders to their customer's assigned warehouse based on the warehouse that they are assigned to in Safeman's Jiwa system. Furthermore, Safeman Australia are using a Connector datasets to its full potential by using the dataset to manage their categories and the products assigned to those categories, product attachments, product images, product combinations and product attributes. Using TOTECS platform features, Safeman Australia is managing tens of thousands of products and supports thousands of users on their TOTECS Platform. 

“While looking for a long-term solution for Safeman's eCommerce website, we partnered with TOTECS, who provided us with a platform which is more directed towards our business customers rather than the retail environment. TOTECS helped us to build an automated eCommerce system with more manageable data by offering a more sophisticated software. Soon after partnering with TOTECS, we have experienced an exponential growth in the number of accounts created by the customers and more customers asking for an online catalogue. The services team at TOTECS are exemplary, they make sure that the implementation process meets all the requirements and post-implementation services are up to scratch. I will surely recommend TOTECS to other businesses, especially those who are looking to automated business operations and enhanced customers’ experience.“ – Josh from Safeman 


Want your business to flourish like Safeman? Contact us now and make your business dreams come true with TOTECS.

WHAT’S NEW? Location Finder:

With the TOTECS 12.04 release, websites built on the TOTECS platform can now incorporate a location finder which can be used to direct retail consumers to their nearest store that stocks wholesalers products. The Location Finder allows you to show locations relevant to your business by integrating with Google Maps.

The Location Finder area uses the Google Maps API service to perform the search and display a map with the closest locations pinned, the area will also list details of the closest locations. This feature will help generate more sales in no time.

Location Finder

This feature will do wonders for wholesalers as this will allow them to open direct-to-consumer selling. Want to know more about this remarkable feature? Head to our YouTube channel and hear from our R&D team on how this feature can assist with generating more sales. If you have any questions regarding the Location Finder feature, feel free to post it on TOTECS Forums.